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Colour Fleece Wiper

An economical wiper cut from cotton blend sweatshirts this is a thick ,soft absorbent wiping rag. Ideal for heavy duty jobs, great for greasy applications, or general shop rag, or industrial machine cleaning jobs, etc.

Colour T-Shirt Wiper

Cut from cotton blend t-shirts. Ideal multi-purpose wiper. Applications include: auto, general shop, factory, machinery wipers, industrial machine cleaning, showrooms, etcapplications, or general shop rag, or industrial machine cleaning jobs, etc

Flannel Wiper

Cut from flannel shirts, pajamas etc.. very absorbent , soft cotton blend wiping rags. Applications include oil, clean-up, grease general shop rag, mechanic work, industrial machine cleaning, etc

Heavy Cotton Wiper

ProductDetail: Cut from cotton pants very absorbent , soft and thick cotton blend wiping rags. Applications include oil, clean-up, grease general shop rag, mechanic work.

Work Process

The complete work process of a Used Clothing plant consists of sorting, grading, packing and dispatch. These processes are explained briefly : one can find these same clothes also traded on free classifieds websites, the same that deal with houses for sale.


We receive mixed rags from North America which basically speaking is unsorted used clothing. These clothing's are then put on the conveyor belts with sorters on both sides who have been issued instructions to pick up pre assigned piece of clothing. This process leads to basic segregation of the mixed rags into about 19 different items namely Shirts, pants, blouses, skirts etc. These items are then sent to the next stage of the process which is.the.grading.


The grading section of the plant is divided into as many sections as the items sorted in the first stage of the process. This is normally 19 but can vary. The highlight of this section is that there are bins placed at each section according to the number of different categories that particular item has to be made into.For example a t-shirts section will have bins placed for Collar T-Shirt, Children T-Shirt, Round neck T-Shirt, Rugby T-Shirt,Ladies T-Shirt, Tank Tops, white T-Shirt, White Printed t-Shirtetc. Once the bin for a particular grade gets filled up it is sent to the next section for second round of check up and finally packing.


Once the goods comes from the grading section they are subjected to a final check up and their label put in and are sent to the bailing machines for compressed packing. The bales are normally pressed into standardized 45 kilo bales but can vary as per the customer demands. Once the packing is complete the bales of a particular customer are stacked together ready for dispatch.


This is the last stage in the used clothing process. The packed bales are dispatched to their respective destinations in high cube containers of 40 or 20 feet. These containers are booked through our forwarding agent or nominated directly by the customer. The containers are cleaned and checked properly for any leaks before they are stuffed with the goods. We are undertaking 100% factory stuffing and the container only leaves our premises once it has been inspected.and.sealed.properly.

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